Congrats to Our Unsung Hero James Howard

I was recently introduced to an idea by another agent and good friend of mine, Erik Hatch. He wanted to recognize special men and women in his community that are doing great things to help others, but aren’t being recognized for it. We wanted to shine that light on someone in our community who is doing great things, and that person is James Howard.

James is a military veteran who retired as a Captain in the Army in 2010, after he became disabled. Since that time, he has helped many fellow veterans find peace with themselves and their lives after suffering life-changing injuries.
James founded Veterans & Athletes United,  an all-volunteer organization, founded and operated by combat veterans with disabilities. They have numerous active duty soldiers, veterans, and caring professionals that donate hundreds of hours to their cause. They’ve been able to impact hundreds of disabled veterans, caregivers, and family members through their various programs and retreats.
We are proud to honor James and his organization today, and will do whatever we can in the future to help support this great cause. Thank you James, for all that you do in our community!