The Top Investment Vehicle in America

What is the top investment vehicle in America? According to Gallup, the answer is real estate.

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What is America’s favorite investment vehicle? Across the board, the answer is real estate.

An American family’s net worth is significantly higher when they own a home. On average, families who own some real estate are worth $225,000, while renters are worth about $5,000. Another way to look at that is a homeowner’s net worth is 45 times greater than that of a renter.

With those numbers, why would you pay someone else’s home off when you can pay for your own?

Why pay for someone else’s home when you can pay your own mortgage?

Gallup recently did a study where they asked Americans about which long-term investment vehicle is best. Real estate tops the chart at 34%, followed by stocks and mutual funds at 26%. Bonds only make up 5%.

If you break that number down by gender, men think real estate is the best long-term choice 37% of the time, while women think it is the best choice 32% of the time.

Even if you break it down by income category, real estate is still the top investment choice in America. If you check out the video above, you’ll see that people who earn over $75,000 are a bit more diversified in their investment choices. That’s because they have more assets and want to diversify their portfolio, but real estate is still at the top of the chart.

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