Get a Headstart on the Spring Selling Market

You probably think it's too early to try selling your home, but you might be wrong to think that. A lot of serious buyers begin the process right now, and you should do the same as a seller.

Last February in 2015 we saw a dramatic increase in the amount of traffic in our market. It was such an increase, we were concerned that a bubble might have been forming. We're expecting a lot of the same to happen this year. Our inventory is very low and the demand is still really high.
The Federal Reserve has also promised to increase interest rates, and we feel that this will push a lot of buyers off the fence. We have low inventory, pent-up demand, and rising interest rates.
We do a lot of pre-marketing, so contact us now if you want to beat the rush and get your home on the market. We would love the chance to sell it quickly and for top dollar!