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Should You Sell Your Home this Spring?

Today I'm joined by my daughters Sophia and Samantha who are going to help me speak about whether it's a good time to buy or sell here in Richmond.

Just the other day, I had a client come to me and ask if it was a good time to sell his home. Keep in mind that this same man and I had the same conversation a year ago, and we agreed that the market just wasn't there to sell his home.
However, a year later, I told this man that he should absolutely sell his home right now.
  • One reason to sell is a very low supply of homes.
    • Another reason is that demand is very high right now with lots of spring home buyers emerging onto the market.
  • This high demand and low supply will help to raise prices on homes, which is another great reason to sell right now.
    • It's a great time to be a seller in Central Virginia.
  • If you're buying...
    • Unfortunately, you've waited too long and you will have to pay more for your home.
    • However, interest rates are at historic lows right now.
      • You can buy a home more affordably than ever.
      • Rates are not expected to stay below 5% going into 2015, so hurry up and buy.
I just wanted everyone to know that it is absolutely a good time to sell (and buy) in Richmond and Central Virginia. Hopefully this information has been helpful to you.

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